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Exhibitor and Publisher Opportunities ATESL 2020 Virtual Exhibitor Hall

With over 400 participants expected to attend this year's ATESL conference, the Virtual Exhibitor Hall will be a popular destination for teachers, administrators, and other attendees.

Due to our desire to keep our attendees safe and healthy during this uncertain time, the conference will be taking place online using a virtual event platform. The virtual exhibitor’s hall will allow attendees to visit virtual booths using either the desktop site or the mobile app. The Exhibitor Hall will be a popular destination for teachers, administrators, and other attendees! Register your booth today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the target audience for ATESL 2020?

What is the cost for a virtual booth at ATESL 2020?

What does the Virtual Booth include?

What can publishers/exhibitors expect virtually?

What are the exhibitor hours for ATESL 2020?

ATESL 2020 will run on October 16th and 17th from 8:00 am - 5:30 pm. During the conference, the Exhibitior’s Hall will be open to attendees. Exhibitors can set their own scheduled time if a live session will be held.

My organization/company is interested in a virtual booth. How do I get started?
If your organization is interested in participating in this year’s ATESL 2020 conference, complete the following steps to register before August 31, 2020:

  1. Fill out the online application form (available at:
  2. Pay online or by cheque.

Online payment:

Pay Online

Cheque payment:

Mail cheques (payable to ATESL) to the following address:

6-102 Education North
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB
T6G 2G5

I have filled out the Exhibitor registration form and paid online or cheque. What are my next steps?

Once you have submitted your registration form, a conference organizer will make contact to guide you through the process of downloading and adding your organization’s information to the conference app.

How can I receive more information about this virtual conference?
If you would like more information about the app, if you would like to see pictures of what the virtual exhibitors display will look like to attendees, or if you have any questions about this year’s conference, please do not hesitate to contact