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Member Survey Regarding TESL Canada

Dear ATESL Members,

What has happened?

In the past, ATESL has been affiliated with TESL Canada. Every year, $16.00 of each ATESL membership payment has gone to TESL Canada for TESL Canada Membership, which allowed members access to services such as: certification, conference discounts, the TESL Canada Journal and others.

In October of 2017, TESL Canada announced it would be suspending operations indefinitely. In early 2018, the TESL Canada Board approached ATESL to sign an interim Memorandum of Agreement, and requested membership fees for the first half of the year.

Since that time, TESL Saskatchewan, TESL New Brunswick, TESL Nova Scotia, and TESL Newfoundland & Labrador signed interim memoranda of agreement for Jan-June 2018.

Since 2016, both BC TEAL and TESL Ontario have opted not to renew their memoranda of agreement with TESL Canada, and have encouraged their members who want TESL Canada affiliation to pursue direct membership. If ATESL signs an MoA with TESL Canada, it will be the largest TESL Canada affiliate, with approximately 700 members.

In early 2018, the TESL Canada Board approached ATESL to sign a new Memorandum of Agreement, and requested membership fees for the first half of the year.

The ATESL Board is hesitant to sign a new Memorandum of Agreement without a clear explanation of what services would be provided. To date, ATESL has still not received assurances that most of the service standards TESL Canada used to provide can continue.

This has prompted us to ask our membership for feedback regarding TESL Canada services.

On June 9th, TESL Canada held its Annual General Meeting online. The ATESL President and ATESL Representative to TESL Canada were both in attendance. The hope was that TESL Canada would provide a clear strategic plan for the future, as well as an audited financial statement for 2017, which would have demonstrated the financial activity and reason for suspension of service in October, 2017.

After the online TESL Canada Annual General Meeting held on June 9th in New Brunswick, the Board asked for the following clarifications:

(Please see TESL Canada’s responses by Paula Kristmanson to these questions below)

Strategic Plan (July-Dec 2018)

ATESL: We understand that no new motions were brought forward at the AGM, and that is why online voting was not available.

TESL Canada: The emphasis was on preparing a clear and transparent account of the year including financials (see Annual Report of Acting President attached below) and to make a motion to accept the new board (we put out a call for nominations and asked for nominations from the floor, but we did not get more than one person for each position, so no online voting was necessary)

Financial Forecast (July-Dec 2018)

ATESL: A budget was not presented at the AGM, nor was a clear plan regarding collection of fees.

TESL Canada: You are correct, there was no budget presented at the AGM. This will be our priority in the coming months. Our expenses as reported on March 19 have been reduced to minimum (see Costs and Terms of Services Document attached below) and our income from here on out will depend on the following: Direct memberships, Certification applications, and TTPR annual fees and renewals (possibility provincial affiliation fees but this remains to be determined)

Unaudited Financials (Jan-March 2018)

ATESL: These were not presented at the AGM, but TESL Canada agreed to provide them at ATESL's request.

TESL Canada: Unaudited financial statements for 2017 were presented at AGM and are attached below. The Jan-March 2018 TESL Canada Financials Q1 are attached below.

TESL Canada Cont’d: There are a few important pieces of information that need to accompany this statement:

  • TESL was able to conserve cash during the quarter, as the Statement of Cash Flows shows.
  • The major cash inflow - the $11,881 SSHRC grant - was of course not available to pay general operating expenses and was in fact transferred 100% to Western University in April. The transfer out is included in accrued liabilities at Mar 31.
  • Expenses were greater than Income in the quarter. Income in this quarter came only from direct memberships and the provincial memberships for 4 provinces (although most of this revenue, approx. $8000, was not accounted for in this report because of technical/ logistical issues with PayPal. We have only recently been able to gain access to this revenue and it will now be accounted for in the next quarterly report which our accountant will prepare). Income has increased since this quarter due to the reopening of Certification.
  • Office lease expense stopped at the end of the quarter, so future months’ operating expenses will be lowered by that $2104 monthly amount. Our current updated monthly fees have been updated and attached.

Audited Financials for 2017

ATESL: We know that there were no audited financials for 2017 available at the AGM.

TESL Canada: This is a cost we could not incur and we were assured by our accountant that these were not required.

Please see below for documents that TESL Canada has provided ATESL to share with our membership for the purposes of this survey.