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Assistant Manager Language and Foundational Skills

Organization: Columbia College
Location: Calgary
Compensation: Commensurate with skills
Start Date: Sept. 29, 2017

This professional holds a recognized post-secondary degree from a university or college preferably in Teaching English as a Second Language, Education, or Linguistics, and has taken specific courses in teaching ESL. This individual needs to have at least 3 years of supervisory experience and ability to relate to other cultures. Evidence of continuous professional development to update the knowledge of current practices and resources in the field is important. Training in Portfolio Based Language Assessment (PBLA) and previous experience with Canadian Language Benchmarks are required. This individual values diversity and has strong commitment to life-long learning. This position requires strong time management skills and ability to work in a fast paced environment.

  • Oversee the effective day to day delivery of LINC/ESL programs and courses; provide supervision in these areas.
  • Assist the department manager and work on building programs that respond to the needs of individuals and the community.
  • Maintain strong working relationships with program facilitators and understand how to support their facilitation needs.
  • Design, develop, and facilitate specialized courses/curriculum/workshops/presentations/guest speakers to enhance the students’ educational and professional development.
  • Support effective delivery of the programs with the assistance of faculty and program administrative assistants.
  • Closely collaborate with the LINC Coordinator, Curriculum Specialist, and Academic Tutor in enhancing programming and increasing efficiency in processes.
  • Assist the department manager in building strong community engagement relationship with all stakeholders including but not limited to ILVARC Advisory and LINC City Service Providers’.
  • Research current trends and information regarding English language training, programs and courses, maintaining continual current knowledge in this field.
  • Provide leadership and direct involvement in utilizing technology for learning. This would include hybrid classrooms, multi-level delivery and online courses/programs.
  •  Help develop/implement an annual plan for these programs, and regularly report to the department manager as to the progress and achievement of results/outcomes.
  • Assist in providing professional development training opportunities to faculty and other stakeholders with respect to best practices to support student success and retention in these programs.

  • Supervise the PBLA Lead Teachers, provide planning, leadership and direction for all implementation requirements.
  • Review and revise LINC New Students’ Guidelines, Handbooks, and attendance policies.
  • Assist with the LINC New Students’ Orientation Sessions every semester.
  • Monitor, review and approve student progress reporting.
  • Collect quantitative and qualitative data, provide an analysis of such data, make recommendations based on data and other factors, and provide the manager with reports on progress in reaching outcomes.
  • Provide regular supervision of faculty, assist with classroom observation and evaluate performance.
  • Ensure all the reporting requirement are in place by communicating with LINC administration and reporting to the manager.
  • Review and Revise Facilitators’ Handbook.
  • Assist with responding to student issues on a day-to-day basis as required.
  • Assist in the writing of proposals for new programs and courses.
  • Meet regularly with the department manager to review such areas as program/course development, enrollment numbers, student progress and faculty development.
  • Provide regular reports to the manager for submission to the funder as required.
  • Coordinate communication with faculty.
  • Continuously monitor the implementation of government policies in program delivery.
  • Assist with new resources, books, and classroom instructional materials.
  •  Support Administration with Childcare Centre requirements in processing students’ documents and their children’s enrollment.
  •   Act as a substitute instructor when needed.
  •  Revise/edit/create/assist in developing current program-related documents.
  •  Ensure iCARE entries are up to date (Waitlists, Community Connections, Childcare…)
  •    Assist with reviewing faculty assignment and prepare assignments for each semester in an efficient and timely manner.
  •  Develop, update and maintain a yearly delivery schedule of semesters/courses and their associated syllabi.
  •   Assist with hiring new employees and facilitators, i.e. interviewing/reference checks...
  •  With stakeholders’ input develop key dates for each semester.
  •   Review and monitor data entry in iCARE as needed and requested by the funder/management.
  •  Assist with Community Connection requirements of LINC, work closely with the Evening LINC Coordinator to ensure presenters/community contacts from various organizations are involved in the program delivery.
  • Work closely with program administrative staff to conduct and ensure the intake, registration, data collection, progress reports and certificate processes are complete and accurate
  • Handle general phone calls and/or messages from stakeholders and students.
  • Sign off timesheets.
  • Ensure faculty has the required resources for each semester.
  •  Monitor and ensure the accurate and timely entry of attendance and grades data according to Registrar’s office guidelines and iCARE requirements.
  •   Request Customer Satisfaction Surveys and manage the process.  Ensure program/facilitator surveys are completed and submitted to the Registrar’s office prior to the end of a semester.
  •  In a timely manner ensure classroom space and lab time is available and booked for student/facilitator use.
  • Other duties as assigned.

The posting will remain open until a suitable candidate is found. 

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