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ATESL Social Media Coordinator

Organization: ATESL
Location: Alberta
Compensation: Commensurate with skills
Closing Date: Aug. 31, 2018


Reporting to the Business Manager and ATESL President, the Social Media Coordinator is an volunteer position appointed by the ATESL board as per the recommendation of the Communications Committee. The Social Media Coordinator is responsible for developing and maintaining the strategy/process for ATESL’s social media platforms. This includes the completion of communications-related activities that promote ATESL’s relationships, enhance its image, and advance the mission and vision of the organization.

The Social Media Coordinator will report to the supervisors on the metrics of: number of followers, number of engagements/posts, and impressions (visitors, replies, retweets, reposts, etc.).

Key Responsibilities

  • Review existing social media accounts. Ensure the profile of each reflects strong linkage to the ATESL vision and mission and are consistent with other branding (colours, logo, etc.)
  • Provide regular updates to social media accounts:
    • Relay/Re-post ATESL-related announcements within 48 hours of notice from Website/Newsletter Coordinator.
    • In consultation with the Supervisor(s), reposts partner or affiliate information, resources, or events.
    • Respond to inquiries and replies from other social media accounts within 48 hours to foster a community of positivity..
    • In consultation with the Supervisor(s), post resources relevant to membership including (but not limited to): professional development opportunities, language instruction resources, ESL news.
    • Other social media posting requests from the Supervisor(s) as required.
  • Create a procedure for managing the ATESL social media accounts
    • Develop or follow guidelines and best practices for posting, responding, curating info, selecting announcements, frequency of updates, etc.
    • Create a list of vetted affiliates for reposting purposes and orientation of future SMC volunteer(s).
  • Build the ATESL social media presence as a trusted resource of information
    • Create an approachable, respectful tone online that represents ATESL and its values.
  • Must be available for the “busy season” that surrounds the ATESL conference and AGM. Expected engagement grows during the ATESL conference as attendees increase their interaction online.


This appointment is a 18-month commitment subject to renewal.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Hands-on self-starter and ability to work independently (and remotely) while staying in frequent communications with the Business Manager
  • Strong written communication skills.
  • Familiarity with social media platforms: hashtags, geotagging, scheduling posts.
  • Knowledge, connection, and/or passion for issues facing immigrants and the ESL teaching profession are preferred.

New: Eligibility

  • To be eligible for this position, the individual must be an ATESL Member in good standing.

New: Application Process

  • Interested applicants are requested to submit their letter of interest and CV to
  • Appointment of the Social Media Coordinator(s) is conducted by the ATESL Board with recommendation from the ATESL Communications Committee.
  • This job posting will remain open until it is filled
Apply to: