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EAL Facilitator

Organization: Columbia College
Location: Calgary
Compensation: Commensurate with skills
Start Date: May 2, 2022
Closing Date: March 31, 2022

The EAL Facilitator requires to have completed a four-year degree in education or a relevant field. His/her area of specialized education should be supplemented by certificates and diplomas in adult education/ESL.  This individual will be a highly organized and experienced professional with at least 3 years of work as a practitioner.  He/she will be an effective team player and communicator with strong interpersonal skills.  He/she will be detail oriented, have a keen desire to learn and grow, be open to change, have a strong work ethic, and have highly developed computer skills. This individual has also a strong ability to design effective lesson plans for intermediate and advance level students and deliver them along with assessment component to evaluate their progress.

Other responsibilities include:

  1. Use a variety of learning aids, equipment or tools to assist in the facilitation of learning (e.g., whiteboard, online materials, ESL websites, TUTELA, You Tube.)
  2. Use a variety of methods to evaluate students’ level of acquired competencies and/or skills based on Canadian Language Benchmarks.  These normally include continuous assessment for learning, real life tasks and self/peer assessment, presentations, interviews, role plays, or assignments
  3. Use appropriate, relevant and current examples or elicit examples from students to effectively reinforce topics or points, review and recycle materials learned.
  4. Remain current in the subject area and new methods of delivering course related material.
  5. Display genuine interest in students, as well as enthusiasm and excitement related to their goals to become active Canadian citizens.
  6. Ensure students have adequate time during class to question, comment or express their opinion; listen to students and provide appropriate and respectful comments or feedback.
  7. Provide an appropriate level of homework to ensure that students are reading, researching, investigating, discovering and spending adequate time internalized the learning. 
  8. Identify, assist, counsel, and advise any student who is having difficulty acquiring the appropriate level of knowledge and skills necessary to progress, and create an action plan with the student to follow through.
  9. Choose the delivery method that will best enhance the learning process.  Methods may include, but are not limited to, the following:  real life tasks, skill building and skill using tasks, role playing, discussion groups, individual or group presentations.

We thank all the applicants in advance. Only those who are selected for an interview will be contacted.

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