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English Instructor, Online

Organization: ECSD
Location: Online
Compensation: Hourly $30 - $50
Start Date: Jan. 8, 2024
Closing Date: Dec. 15, 2023

Provide basic English language instruction to adult newcomers to facilitate the social, cultural, and economic integration of immigrants and refugees into Canada.


  1. Adhere to all ECSD LINC policies and procedures;
  2. Practice cultural awareness, sensitivity and respect in the workplace;
  3. Establish a welcoming, safe and positive learning atmosphere for students;
  4. Teach the LINC class/level assigned to immigrant students emphasizing settlement issues and multicultural inclusion;
  5. Conduct a needs assessment and plan course content based on students’ preferences following Portfolio Based Language Assessments (PBLA);
  6. Create modules/lesson plans/assessments/teaching materials following the CLBs and a Task-Based Language Teaching approach (TBLT), citing others when referring to or including their work;
  7. Instruct and assist students in language learning including digital literacy by following the ECSD LINC Curriculum Guidelines and Digital Literacy Progression list;
  8. Organize field trips that utilize TBLT;
  9. Assess and record student achievement on the ECSD LINC Assessment Tracker referenced to the Canadian Language Benchmarks and Portfolio Based Language Assessments (PBLA);
  10. Prepare student reports/documentation as required at mid-session and session end and conduct student conferences to review their progress;
  11. Meet annually with the Site Coordinator to review any concerns and with the PBLA Lead Instructor to review one productive assessment and one receptive assessment;
  12. Participate in in-house PBLA refreshers and the PBLA Practice Review Framework as required;
  13. Keep current with developments in the ESL teaching profession including literacy (if applicable) and PBLA through Tutela, CCLB’s eLearning portal, the PBLA Practice Guidelines, ATESL, etc; 
  14. Arrange for substitute instructor for absences shorter than 30 days;
  15. Ensure there is a generic “emergency” lesson plan for one full day of instruction. In the event of a known absence, create and submit a complete and current lesson plan for one day for the substitute Instructor;
  16. Ensure classrooms are clean and tidy at the end of each working shift;
  17. Work amicably as a team sharing workspaces and participating in and contributing to materials exchange, staff meetings and professional development
  18. Adhere to Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) with respect to students’ and employees personal information; and,
  19. Perform all other duties as assigned by the Site Coordinator.


  • Bachelor's degree in Education, Alberta teaching certificate is preferred;
  • Related bachelor’s degree, and
    o       1-2 years of relevant ESL/EAL teaching experience, or
    o       TESL Canada certification, or
    o       Completion of the ACE TESOL Certificate
  • Language Proficiency Requirements, if required:
    o       TOEFL iBT – 92 or more with a minimum of 22 in each skill;
    o       IELTS General or Academic –7.0 overall score with a minimum of 6.5 in each skill; or,
    o       CELPIP General – 10 in each skill
  • Completion of online CLB Bootcamp Training prior to hire -;
  • Bow Valley College Post TESL Certificate would be considered an asset;
  • Completion up to Pre-Stage 2 training;
  • Online teaching experience is an asset;
  • Strong computer skills and knowledge incorporating technology into the ESL classroom;
  • Demonstrated proficiency with Microsoft 365 applications;
  • Experience working with adult ESL learners at various levels;
  • Demonstrated capability in developing curricula;
  • Demonstrated interpersonal and communication skills; and,
  • Ability to work independently with solid time management and organizational skills.
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