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ESL Instructor, English Language Program, Continuing Education

Organization: University of Calgary
Location: Calgary - University of Calgary Main Campus
Compensation: Hourly $30 - $50
Closing Date: April 30, 2023

The English Language Program is looking for qualified ESL instructors to teach in the Summer 2023 intensive programs.

The Summer Intensive Program includes the following courses:

General ESL:  In the ELP intensive course, students will take a communicative approach to learning English. Although points of grammar will be thoroughly reviewed, students will focus mainly on the skills of speaking and listening. Students will be expected to play an active role in speaking and listening in class.

Literature Circle: This class aims to develop students’ proficiency at integrating critical thinking skills, reading tasks, writing tasks and vocabulary development. A “Literature Circle” is a structure for talking about a book with peers as the book is read together.

Pronunciation: In this class, students will take a communicative approach to learning pronunciation.  Students will improve their pronunciation by focusing on vowel sounds, consonant sounds, syllable stress, word stress, contractions, rhythm, and intonation.

The dates for the summer programs are:
Summer I: July 4-July 28, 2023
Summer II: August 8 – September 1, 2023

(ESL classes run 9am-12pm Monday – Friday. Literature Circle and Pronunciation run 1-3:30pm Monday-Thursday.)

Scope of Responsibilities

  1. In-class delivery through communicative teaching methodology
  2. High reliance on cooperative learning activities
  3. Create effective lessons plans, develop content, learning activities, presentations, assignments, assessments


  1. A university degree and a minimum TESL Canada Level 1 Certificate is required
  2. A TESL Canada Level 2 or 3 Certificate is desirable.
  3. A minimum of 2 years’ experience teaching adult English Learners is essential; post-secondary teaching experience is preferred. International teaching experience is desirable.
  4. Culturally competent and sensitive to the needs of second language learners and international students.
  5. Proficient in the use of email, MS Word, and MS Excel. Experience using a Learning Management System is desirable.

English Language Program instructors are remunerated at $44-$47/hr (rate includes prep and planning). These instructional positions are non-credit teaching appointments and, as such, are contract positions without benefits (other than those required by Employment Standards).

Applicants are asked to send a cover letter and resume to the email address below.

Thank you in advance for your interest in this position. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Apply to: