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Project Manager -ATESL Best Practices

Organization: ATESL
Location: Alberta
Compensation: Hourly $50 - $70
Start Date: April 6, 2020
Closing Date: March 27, 2020

ATESL is seeking candidates for the position of Project Manager for the approved Best Practice Guidelines for Adult ESL/LINC Programming in Alberta Grant Project.

Project dates are from April 2020 to December 2021.

Description of Project

In this project, ATESL will review and update the current best practices document, last updated in 2009, to reflect the most recent advances in the field of TESL to aid ESL professionals across the province of Alberta to continue effectiveness and efficiency of the settlement and integration system in our province.

The Best Practice Guidelines for Adult ESL/LINC Programming in Alberta were originally developed in 1994 by the Alberta Teachers of English as a Second Language (ATESL). They have been revised twice since inception. In 2004, with support from Alberta Advanced Education and Career Development and from Citizenship and Immigration Canada and most recently, in 2009, with support from Alberta Employment and Immigration and Citizen and Immigration Canada. They provide guidelines for what constitutes best practice in adult ESL/LINC programs in Alberta . In order to meet current needs of learners and practitioners, updates are required in the areas of program implementation, learner support, curriculum and instruction, among others. Additions are required in the area of inclusion. These additions include but are not limited to LGBTQ2S+ topics, indigenization of ESL classrooms, learners with disabilities, learning issues related to trauma, and learners in non-traditional classrooms such as those living and working in rural Alberta.

The project is set to run for 22 months, with the updated document to be presented at the 2021 ATESL fall conference.

Project Manager:
Remuneration: $65/hour for 25 hours/month for 22 months

ATESL Member, five years experience in the field, project management experience, and an undergraduate degree in a related discipline. Able to work remotely.


The responsibilities of the project manager will be to:

  1. Liaise with the funder, the ATESL Board, and the consultant to revise and update the ATESL Best Practices Guidelines. Monthly reports to be provided to the ATESL board
  2. Invite representatives of ATESL local chapters and ESL programs throughout the province to participate in focus groups and make arrangements for travel, accommodation and meetings in consultation with the project consultant
  3. Assist at and transcribe audiotapes from the focus group interviews
  4. Facilitate the timely completion of tasks and outcomes of the project
  5. Assist in dissemination of interim and final reports to ATESL Board and funders
  6. Manage expenses and prepare the financial statements to be submitted to funders
  7. Take responsibility for the timely completion and submission of the Best Practice Guidelines document and the public report
  8. Continue overall monitoring and assessment to keep project on target
  9. Assist with activities to enhance the delivery of ESL instruction to adults in Alberta,
    including but not limited to the inclusion of LGBTQ2S+ topics, Indigenization of ESL classrooms, meeting needs of learners with disabilities, learning issues related to trauma and learners in non-traditional classrooms such as those living and working in rural Alberta. Also included are e-learning, digital learning and technology

    To apply: Email a CV & cover letter to by Friday, March 27, 2020.
Job ID: Project Manager
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