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Association Policies

Framework Policies

1.1 Belief Statement

The Alberta Teachers of English as a Second Language (ATESL) believes that it is vital to assist learners whose first language is other than English by providing them with the necessary language training and skills to achieve their goals in an English speaking society. Furthermore, we believe that ESL practitioners act in a manner that maintains the honor and dignity of the profession.

1.2 Vision

Alberta Teachers of English as a Second Language will be regarded as essential and credible professionals duly respected and supported by the society at large.

1.3 Mission Statement

As the professional organization Teachers of English as a Second Language in Alberta, ATESL’s mission is to promote the highest standards of teaching and provision of English Language programs for learners in Alberta whose first language is other than English. We do this by:

  • encouraging and providing professional development opportunities which are consistent with generally accepted principles of adult learning and with currently understood principles of second language learning and teaching
  • encouraging and supporting the participation of learner s in the decision-making process which determine their educational choices
  • communicating with English language program providers and learners to encourage awareness of issue s of accountability and program standards
  • overseeing an ESL teacher accreditation process which encourages the highest standards of teacher preparation and performance
  • communicating with government, business, and the general public to create awareness about immigration, settlement of immigrants and English language learning
  • liaising with other organizations, local, provincial, national and international, which are engaged in education
  • working collaboratively with government to develop policies and procedures which govern the provision of English language programs and related services for immigrants to Canada
  • promoting the rights of immigrant learners and their unique identities (backgrounds, sexual orientations, genders, etc.) and by fostering understanding, acceptance, and inclusion by ESL instructors and the larger community.

1.4 Target

The organization is designed to serve:

  • Alberta Teachers of English as a Second Language (ATESL) members
  • ESL Teachers in Alberta
  • Student teachers in universities
  • Learners of English as a Second language including:
  • Immigrants
  • International students
  • K -12 students

1.5 Aim Statements

Work with government, and community stakeholders to recognize English proficiency as an essential requirement for both basic academic achievement and meaningful social, cultural, political and economic integration of ESL learners into Canadian society.

Promote Best Practice Guidelines for teachers and program development throughout Alberta.