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Association Policies

Framework Policies

1.1 Belief Statement

The Alberta Teachers of English as a Second Language (ATESL) believes that it is vital to assist learners whose first language is other than English by providing them with the necessary language training and skills to achieve their goals in an English speaking society. Furthermore, we believe that ESL practitioners act in a manner that maintains the honor and dignity of the profession.

1.2 Vision

Alberta Teachers of English as a Second Language will be regarded as essential and credible professionals duly respected and supported by the society at large.

1.3 Mission Statement

As the professional organization Teachers of English as a Second Language in Alberta, ATESL’s mission is to promote the highest standards of teaching and provision of English Language programs for learners in Alberta whose first language is other than English. We do this by:

1.4 Target

The organization is designed to serve:

1.5 Aim Statements

Work with government, and community stakeholders to recognize English proficiency as an essential requirement for both basic academic achievement and meaningful social, cultural, political and economic integration of ESL learners into Canadian society.

Promote Best Practice Guidelines for teachers and program development throughout Alberta.

ATESL EDI Safer Space Policy


ATESL is dedicated to promoting and maintaining an environment that respects and values the diversity of all its members. We believe that embracing equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) is crucial to achieving our mission of supporting English teachers and learners throughout Alberta. Our commitment is to provide an inclusive and welcoming community that recognizes and celebrates the differences within our membership.


This policy applies to all ATESL members, including the executive committee, board members, staff, volunteers, and general members.

EDI Principles

We believe that equity, diversity, and inclusion are vital for creating an environment where all members feel valued, respected, and supported. We adhere to the following principles and provide actionable items to reinforce our commitment:

Equity: We acknowledge the existence of systemic barriers and inequalities and are dedicated to addressing and eliminating them. Actionable items include but are not limited to:

- Ensuring accessibility to events and resources

- Advocating for fair representation in leadership roles.

Diversity: We value and celebrate the diversity of our members, encompassing aspects such as age, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, language, ability, and socio-economic status. Actionable items include but are not limited to:

- Organizing events that showcase diverse perspectives

- Creating platforms for members from various backgrounds to share their experiences

- Actively seeking input from underrepresented groups.

Inclusion: We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment that cultivates a sense of belonging for all members. Our goal is to provide opportunities for every member to contribute, participate, and engage with the organization. Actionable items include but are not limited to:

- Implementing mentorship programs

- Offering various channels for communication and feedback.

- Actively encouraging members to take part in organizational decision-making processes.

Commitment to EDI

We are devoted to taking the following actions:


ATESL is dedicated to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion within our organization and the broader community we serve. We understand that this work is ongoing and requires the active participation and commitment of all our members. We pledge to continually learn, grow, and improve to create a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive organization.

From the best practices document: “Black, Indigenous, and Racialized learners and staff are safe, welcomed, included, protected, and supported. The program and instruction actively value and promote equity, diversity, and justice. Instruction welcomes multiple perspectives, challenges dominant assumptions, and aims to dismantle systemic racism” as a tenet of our Best Practices. The Board has committed to creating a Diversity and Inclusion policy in 2023.

Policy Created and Adopted: August 2023