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Welcome to ATESL

The Alberta Teachers of English as a Second Language (ATESL) is a professional organization that promotes the highest standards of teaching and English language program provision for all learners in Alberta whose first language is other than English.

ATESL Call for 2018/19 President Elect

At the ATESL AGM on Friday, October 12th, there were no nominations submitted for President Elect.

ATESL is currently seeking a President-Elect to join its Board of Directors and assist in its landmark 40th Anniversary Year.

The Board invites nominations from the membership again now, and in accordance with the ATESL Bylaws:
"Any temporary vacancy in the Board of Directors may be filled by appointment by the Board of Directors with such appointee to hold office until the next General Meeting”

ATESL President, Colyn deGraaff has the following to say about the position:
Colyn's Experience as President Elect
Whether it's because you have a knack for oversight, leadership and direction, or leveraging strong relationships, the role of President Elect position utilizes each of these skills and provides an environment where they can be encouraged and developed. Effectively working with Board chairs, the President Elect is mentored by the President in matters involving interprovincial diplomacy, organizational partnerships, and this role helps support the development of programs and services that carry a significant purpose in the province. It's been a pleasure to serve as the President Elect in the past and I look forward to extending the same support which I received to the new candidate who steps forward into the role.

If you would like more information about the position and its associated responsibilities, please do not hesitate to contact Irene Wood at
The Nomination Form and President Elect Position Description are attached for your information.

Please submit any nominations and a CV no later than Friday, December 7, 2018
PresidentElectDescription.pdf CallPresidentElect1819.pdf

Call for 2019 Conference Co-chairs

At the 2018 ATESL Conference - Leaders and Learners: Integration and Inclusion, the ATESL Board announced that it would be soon looking for two energetic, committed ATESL members to co-chair the next ATESL Conference at the Westin in Calgary on October 18th and 19th, 2019.
That opportunity has arrived!

ATESL is now seeking co-chairs to oversee the organization of the conference and the recruitment of the 2019 conference subcommittees. The Conference co-chairs will contribute to the success of what will be a milestone event - a conference celebrating ATESL's 40th Anniversary - our 'Ruby' year.

If you feel you have what it takes to recruit, direct, and lead a dedicated group of volunteers to plan the 2019 Conference, please get in touch. If you know someone who you feel would be a good fit for this role, let them know their time to shine is here! Co-chairs are offered an honorarium for their role in overseeing the planning of this landmark event.

The closing date for applications is Friday, December 7th, 2018. Please email us a few brief words as a letter of interest.

If you are interested in taking on this important role, or if you have any questions, please email Irene Wood, ATESL's Business Manager, at


ATESL 2018 Conference

The ATESL 2018 conference, Leaders and Learners: Integration and Inclusion, was a great success and a big thank you to all attendees, presenters and the Conference Co-chairs and Committee!

If you are looking for presentation information, you can find a link to the Presentation and handout folder on the Conference Program page.

Conference Presentation and Handout Folder

Questions about the conference? Please e-mail

ATESL Ed Tech Special Interest Group

The Ed Tech SIG will be meeting again soon - watch your emails.

Western Canada Language Training Learning Event - February 2018

For more details, and a link to the archived LTLE resource page, click below