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Ethical Guidelines

ATESL is a professional organization that promotes the highest standards of ESL in Alberta by promoting professional development, advocating on behalf of ESL learners, and working to establish best-practice guidelines and standards for ESL practitioners across Alberta. ATESL recommends the following standards of ethical conduct of ESL practitioners.

In Relation to Students

  1. The ESL practitioner teaches in a manner that respects the dignity and rights of all persons without prejudice as to race, religious beliefs, color, sex, sexual orientation, physical characteristics, age, ancestry, or place of origin.
  2. The ESL practitioner treats students with dignity and respect and is considerate of their circumstances.
  3. The ESL practitioner maintains in confidence in formation about a student received in confidence or in the course of professional duties except as required by law or where, in the judgment of the teacher, to do so is not in the best interest of the student.
  4. The ESL practitioner refrains from having an intimate personal relationship with a learner who is enrolled in the class the practitioner is instructing.
  5. The ESL practitioner does not accept pay from tutoring students in any subjects in which the teacher is responsible for giving classroom instruction to that student.
  6. The ESL practitioner does not take advantage of a professional position to profit from the sale of goods or services to or for students in the teacher's charge.

In Relation to Colleagues

  1. The ESL practitioner treats colleagues with dignity and respect and upholds the confidence of students in other teachers.
  2. The ESL practitioner raises concerns about the professional competence or professional reputation of another teacher only in confidence to proper officials and only after the other teacher has been in formed of the concerns.
  3. The ESL practitioner does not take, because of animosity or for personal advantage, any steps to secure the dismissal of another teacher.

In Relation to the Profession

  1. The ESL practitioner acts in a manner that maintains the honor and dignity of the profession.
  2. The ESL practitioner makes representations on behalf of ATESL or members thereof only when authorized to do so.
  3. The ESL practitioner accepts that participation in ATESL is a professional responsibility.
  4. The ESL practitioner pursues ongoing professional development under his or her own initiative as well as when encouraged to do so by his or her employer.