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ATESL Affiliate / Partners

National Affiliate


TESL Canada's Mission Statement is to promote excellence in the teaching and learning of English as a second or additional language in partnership with its constituent provincial and territorial associations, and like-minded national and international organizations. TESL Canada's Values:


Strategic Partner

Rural Routes

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The Rural Routes (RR) program addresses the professional development (PD) needs of rural and small urban English language programs in Alberta. Our services build capacity in ESL staff and volunteers who deliver programming in their communities. Primary through face-to-face interactions with opportunities for synchronous e-learning, we offer mentorship support, PD workshops, and when requested, classroom observations. As well, we provide PD planning using results from our automated self-assessment tool for ESL providers. Our website is an online source for information, quality resources, upcoming events, and home to our easy-to-read tip sheets that highlight key subjects relevant to the ESL community


SATIE- the self-assessment tool for ESL providers: 

SATIE is an automated self-assessment tool that is easy to use and meant for ESL programs, ESL staff, and ESL volunteers.

SATIE is FREE to use and assists with identifying individual and group professional development needs. 

By design, SATIE generates useful information in the form of a growth plan for training priorities. These results guide the selection of professional development workshops, training, and mentorship services.