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Canadian Council for Refugees - Spring Consultation

Jun 01 - 03, 2017

Nurturing Diversity and Inclusion: Reflecting on the past to inspire the future

With views from all Canadian provinces and with participants in fields as diverse as mental health services and the law, this conference offers opportunities for professional development, networking and strategy.


Join us to explore questions affecting refugee protection and newcomer settlement at the CCR Spring Consultation on the theme of Nurturing Diversity and Inclusion: Reflecting on the past to inspire the future. All are welcome to participate!


Workshop topics include:

·         Islamophobia and xenophobia

·         Canada-US Safe Third Country Agreement

·         Sanctuary cities

·         Environmental displacement

·         Services to refugee claimants

and many more.



Register by 12 May 2017 to take advantage of reduced fees.


Information about the Consultation and online registration are available at: 


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And there’s more: Regional Forum on Migrant Workers, 4 June 2017 in Edmonton
Join the CCR and Migrante Alberta for a skill-sharing and strategy session for migrant workers and people advocating for the rights of migrant workers. Registration will open online in early April 2017. Click here for more details.



About CCR Consultations:

Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR) consultations address issues of refugee protection and immigrant and refugee settlement. Bringing together more than 300 people from across Canada and beyond, they offer key opportunities for information exchange, networking, strategy development and discussion. Participants include refugees, immigrants, representatives of NGOs, government, UNHCR, academics, community workers, youth advocates and international guests.

People who work with newcomers and those with a personal interest in refugees and immigrants are warmly invited, especially youth.

The consultation is an excellent opportunity to:

·         Meet and learn from experts in the field

·         Gain professional training and strategize on a wide range of topics

·         Exchange information and prepare action plans on a broad range of issues

·         Discuss community engagement to support the full participation of newcomers in Canadian society.


CCR consultations are designed to move from issues to action:

·         In the workshops, we discuss policies and realities on the ground, and begin to 

reflect on what to do.

·         In the caucus sessions, we explore specific topics through interactive discussions

·         In the working groups, we strategize on next steps, what policies to adopt and what actions to take.

·         At the closing plenary, we adopt any new policy positions through resolutions and review key action items.


For more information about the Canadian Council for Refugees, check out the CCR’s website at: or consult About the CCR online at:

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