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Change It Up - Info Session

May 17, 2023

Wednesday, May 17

The ATESL Central and Southern Alberta Local Chapters are so excited to be hosting this exciting session for our members!

Come and learn about an amazing new P.D. opportunity available to ESL instructors in Canada!

Change it Up P.D. is an online, interactive course to help trainers, instructors and group leaders facilitate within a strengths-based, trauma-aware approach. Whether you teach literacy or employment skills (online or in-person), you’ll leave this course with hands-on techniques, strategies, and methods to set the stage for learning and create safe and brave spaces for growth.

For a limited time, tuition for the course is being fully funded by ESDC, for anyone working within the ESL community in Canada (so you can take the training at no cost)!  Course feedback from hundreds of participants indicates 98% would recommend the course to others and 99% left with more tools, techniques and approaches to help them do their job better.

Join the info session and find out why!

Presenter Biography: Suzanne Anderson
With a passion for how individuals learn and thrive, Suzanne has invested over 20 years working in education, personal growth, and skill development. 

Since 2009, she’s been Director of Programing with the Change it Up initiative, producing innovative training programs and materials for youth and adults experiencing multiple barriers to success in education or employment.

In 2019, Suzanne spearheaded development of the Change it Up Professional Development course, creating online Facilitator Training to help service providers deliver more powerful and effective skills training, based on a strength-based, holistic, and trauma-aware approach to learning and growth.

Hon B.A. Psychology, B.Ed., ESL Specialist, CDTP – Certified Training and Development Professional, Institute for Performance and Learning

For more information:

Check out this Change It Up 3 minute video overview.

Please email for the Zoom link

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