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Writing Centers: Philosophy and Practice

Nov 27, 2020

Writing Centers: Philosophy and Practice
with Dr. Lucie Moussu


When university/college faculty members believe that ESL/EAL students’ writing skills are not equivalent to those of native English speakers, they frequently send these students to their institutions' writing centres (WCs). However, this often results in frustration for WC staff, the students, and faculty members. This presentation will describe ESL/EAL students’ expectations, as well as WCs’ philosophy and practices, to demonstrate how ESL/EAL students visiting WCs are still often caught between two opposing educational frameworks. The goal of this presentation is to illustrate the importance of dialogue among ESL/EAL instructors, ESL/EAL students, WC staff, and university/college professors.

Lucie Moussu is an Associate Professor in Writing Studies and TESL at the University of Alberta, and Director of the Centre for Writers. Originally from France and Switzerland, she got a Master’s in TESOL at Brigham Young University and a PhD in Applied Linguistics at Purdue University. She then worked at Ryerson University, in Toronto as Coordinator of ESL/EAL writing courses and writing centre Director before moving to Edmonton in 2009. Her research interests include Second Language Writing, writing centre administration, and the strengths of native and nonnative English-speaking ESL/EFL teachers.

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Daniel Green and Fiza Abedin

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