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January 13 - Using Avenue in Your Teaching

The ATESL Calgary Local invites you to join us for Kevin Simpson's PD session about Avenue on Friday January 13, 2023 at 5pm. It will be online and hosted on Zoom. 

"Many instructors are running their courseware right from day 1, and would benefit from a review of initial course settings.  From there, we’ll look at some of the more useful activity types on Avenue, starting with the quiz.  We’ll look at how to set one or more up because there are different question types that are useful.  Assignments are also great for speaking and writing tasks.  Like quizzes and forums, they can be auto collected to the binder.  We’ll also look at questionnaires for self-assessments, forums for student interaction, and H5Ps, which are great for independent work or working together as a class.  We’ll look at how to download these from tutela and upload them to your courseware."

All ATESL members are welcome, so please email us at for the Zoom link. 

See you there!
Jenifer and Nura
ATESL Calgary Co-chairs 

ATESL Chapter: Calgary