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March 11 - ATESL Advocacy Tutela Workshop

Please join us for a 90 minute online webinar on March 11 at 6:30 pm Mountain Standard time for a presentation on diversity and inclusion in the ESL classroom. We will look at some ways ESL professionals create inclusive spaces, and investigate how we can begin conversations and create a classroom atmosphere which challenge assumptions and stereotypes. The presentation will also take a look at some newly created resources which introduce concepts of diversity and inclusion to the ESL classroom as well as how to implement them and address student concerns if they arise.

Please log in to Tutela here:

and find ATESL Advocacy Webinar: Brave Conversations

Alexandra Marshall has been teaching EAL for over 14 years to a variety of students in a wide range of contexts. Though her focus has been primarily on adult learners, she has taught all ages, from preschool to senior citizens. She has taught a wide range of levels from literacy to IELTS preparation and has taught in Canada, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Alex holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta and is passionate about working with newcomers to Canada. She previously worked on the Rural Routes project as the Northern Regional Advisor, is an experienced CLB assessor and currently works at NorQuest College and the University of Alberta. She looks forward to facilitating professional development for all those working with English learners.

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