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CLB 7 Exit Test Template

The CLB 7 Exit Test TEMPLATE is designed to assist ESL programs develop their own in-house CLB assessments for specific courses or projects. It is tied to the CLB 7 Exit Test developed by NorQuest College, a listening, reading, speaking and writing assessment which tests a range of CLB 7 performance indicators along with the content of the English for Careers course (including units on workplace culture and communication, safety in the workplace, and conflict resolution in the workplace). In order to improve access to employment and employment training, the CLB 7 Exit test aims to ascertain that learners have acquired a particular skills set and a body of knowledge relating to the Canadian workplace that would qualify them. The test is designed for: • ESL learners at CLB 6/7 who intend to enter the workplace or career preparation and are currently studying in the English for Careers at NorQuest College • ESL learners applying for employment requiring CLB 7 and some knowledge of workplace practices, safety rules, and workplace culture. • Career preparation bridging programs requiring CLB 7 for entry, and • Employers wishing to hire immigrant workers with demonstrated competencies at CLB 7.

Resource Details

Alberta Initiatives Gallery: Yes
Areas of Focus: Assessment
Instructional Level: CLB Stage II (5-8)
Language Focus: Listening Reading Speaking Writing
Programs: General ESL
Format: Documents
Produced by:NorQuest College
Funded by:Alberta Employment and Immigration
Author:Justine Light
Publication year:2008
Keywords:exit test, assessment test
Availability:For more information about the CLB 7 Exit Test itself, contact Dorte Weber at 780-644-6704
Contact:Dorte Weber
Added:Nov. 13, 2012, 12:48 p.m.
Updated:Nov. 15, 2012, 9:02 p.m.