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Publishers & Exhibitors

With over 400 participants expected to attend this year's ATESL conference, the publishers' display will be a popular destination for teachers, administrators, and other attendees. The displays will be centrally located in the hallways near the registration desk, presentation rooms, and buffet tables. Publishers or exhibitors wishing to secure a table are encouraged to register early and will have the first opportunity to choose the location of their display.

Download the publisher letter and registration form here.

Publisher Committee Co-chairs

Nancy Robertson and Desiree Belter:


British Council IELTS

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Bow Valley College

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Cambridge University Press

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Canadian Language Benchmarks

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Canadian Resources for ESL

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Centre for Education and Training

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ESL Library

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Eye on Literacy

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Learning Branch

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Olive Branch Healing

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Oxford University Press

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Paragon Testing Enterprises

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Pearson ELT

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Rural Routes

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