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ATESL Edmonton Local AGM, PD and Free ATESL Conference Registration Draw!

Sep 25, 2020

Learning about Somalia to Help Boost Motivation and Investment in Somali Lit/CLB Students

Research supports that building a personal connection with learning content can lead to increased motivation and investment in Adult Literacy Learners (ALL). Therefore, there is a need for relevant and culturally accessible learning material when teaching this group. The best way to accomplish this is by familiarizing yourself with your learners' culturally rich backgrounds. In this presentation, I hope to educate both literacy and CLB instructors about the Somali culture and language in hopes that they can use this information to better connect with their Somali students. I will explore three crucial motivational teaching strategies: 1-Relevancy, 2- Incorporating Life Experiences and 3- Collaborative Learning. Moreover, I will provide practical suggestions on how Literacy/LINC teachers can implement their newfound knowledge on Somalia by using these strategies which can hopefully result in increased motivation and investment amongst Somali ALL and LINC students. It is important to note that while this presentation is specifically about the Somali culture and language, much of the information you receive can be applied to East African and Middle Eastern students as there is an overlap between these cultures.

Salwa Mohamud is a Literacy Instructor at Sacred Heart Foundations School. She is also a certified CLBPT, CLBA, CLBLPT, CELBAN and IELTS Assessor/Examiner. Salwa holds a Master of Education from the University of Calgary. Salwa is a proud mother of four. On her free time, she enjoys cooking and travelling with her family.

ATESL Edmonton Local AGM, PD and
Free ATESL Conference Registration Draw!
September 25, 2020 4:30 – 6:00 pm MST | Online Event

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