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How Teachers Can Support Newcomer Mental Health

May 26, 2023


All members are welcome!

Summary: This 1.5-hour online workshop is designed to provide ESL teachers with strategies for supporting the mental health of newcomer students. Participants will learn about the unique mental health challenges that these students may face, including trauma and acculturation stress, and explore strategies for building a safe and supportive classroom environment. We will learn to recognize signs of mental health issues and provide appropriate referrals, as well as self-care strategies for teachers to prevent burnout.
About The Speaker: Priscilla Lee is a Registered Psychologist and Mental Health Counsellor at The Immigrant Education Society (TIES) with years of experience in supporting immigrants and newcomers. She is also a former volunteer at ATESL. Priscilla has a passion for mental health, counselling, and self-care, and is dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive space to discuss these important topics.

Please contact for a Zoom link.

ATESL Chapter: Calgary