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Learning Disabilities and Learning Difficulties & Free Conference Registration Draw

Sep 26, 2020

Our next PD session will be on Saturday, September 26 from 9:00 am to 10:30 am via Google Meets.

John Wang, Mental Health Counsellor from TIES, will present on Learning Disabilities and Learning Difficulties.

The session will cover the following:
--Understand and Identify Major Types of Learning Disabilities and Difficulties

--Recognize the Early Signs and Symptoms of Learning Disabilities and Difficulties

--Learn about Evidence-Based Interventions to Address Learning Disabilities and Difficulties

--Brainstorm Best Approaches in Introducing the Concept of Learning Disabilities and Difficulties to Culturally Diverse Students.

Xun (John) Wang is a Psychologist-in-training who is finalizing his last year of graduate study specializing in School and Child Psychology at the University of Calgary. John has a well rounded understanding of mental health and early intervention programming, as well as the unique needs and barriers to services encountered by marginalized populations.  Currently, he is working full-time as the Mental Health Counsellor at The Immigrant Education Society, where he designs academic, behavioural, and social-emotional interventions to enhance the quality of life of newcomer students with diverse ethnocultural backgrounds. Through his ongoing work with various municipally, provincially, and federally  funded initiatives, John delivers multi-tiered system of interventions aimed at promoting psychosocial well beings. As a staunch advocate for early intervention, he is also a certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor with the Mental Health Commission of Canada. In addition, John has been a Content Advisor for Alberta Health Services' Complex Needs Initiative, as well as a member of the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good Mental Health Research Action team.

Please RSVP for this event to for a link to the online session.

Also, at the session, we will hold a draw for a free two-day registration for the ATESL 2020 Conference

For each PD session that you have attended this year (January, February and September), your name will be entered into the draw.

The winner will then be contacted by ATESL administration.

(Please note that if you are the lucky winner but you will be sponsored by your institution, please let us know so that another name can be drawn.)
We hope to see you there!

ATESL Chapter: Calgary