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Tech Lightning Workshop

May 10, 2018

Please join us as we wrap up for the summer with four amazing Tech Lightning workshops at Bow Valley College. These workshops will run on May 10th from 6 to 8 p.m. in Computer Lab –Room North Campus N637.


Google Slides for Vocabulary Practice

Vocabulary acquisition and mastery are at the core of language learning. Google Slides is a presentation tool that can be used in an ELL classroom to help learners: interact with and manipulate new vocabulary; select related meaningful images; and, practice presentation skills. Edi Casimirri will demonstrate how she uses this tool with immigrant youth.

Edi is an ELL Instructor at Bow Valley College’s School of Global Access.

*When you register for the May 10 workshop, please include your gmail address (or create one if you don’t have one) so you can participate in this hands-on workshop.


Flipsnack for Writing

Andrea Scholes will be presenting an interesting and useful tool for reviewing, practicing and  assessing student writing, at the same time as developing their technology skills. Flipsnack is a free online program that students can sign up to and store work that they create. Flipsnack is a practical and accessible tool for students at any level of English language learning, as well as being a quick and easy way to produce and share work connected with any theme, activity or even field trip.

Andrea is an ELL Instructor at Bow Valley College’s School of Global Access.


Capturing Speech and Video

We have multiple artifacts of student writing to demonstrate their skills in a snapshot in time and as a way to demonstrate development over time. Creating artifacts to do this with our students’ oral production is helpful for us to both understand and design learning opportunities to support skills development.  The bonus of capturing students’ oral production is that the students can review and notice their own features of production and growth over time. Workshop participants will explore a way to capture oral production with their mobile phones and then revisit audio and video samples in the classroom or computer lab.

Sheri Rhodes is Program Administrator at the Languages Institute, Faculty of Continuing Education and Extension, at Mount Royal University.


Phones for Classroom Engagement

Keeping mobile devices out of the classroom these days is nearly impossible. Tanya Yaunish will be exploring a couple of different ways that can make devices engaging instead of distracting. Workshop participants will explore an online survey tool that creates charts and word clouds as the learners input their answers.The second tool will be for creating automatically randomized quizzes for quick comprehension checks in class.

Tanya is an ELL Instructor at Bow Valley College’s School of Global Access.

Please RSVP to register to

Irina Derevyanko & Jyoti Grewal

Calgary Local Co-chairs

ATESL Chapter: Calgary