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Using AI to generate LINC resources

Nov 30, 2023

This workshop will go over how to use an AI tool called roshi ( to generate LINC material in seconds.

You'll be able to:
- Generate texts, dialogues, or formatted texts based your desired tasks
- Pick activity template based on CLB competencies
- Share your material as H5Ps or Moodle quizzes

Join the creator of Roshi, Jonny Kalambay, as he walks you through crafting your ideal LINC material as quickly and easily as ever!

Jonny has always been passionate about language education. French is his first language, and throughout his life, he has learned English, Spanish, and Japanese. With a professional background in software engineering, he is now combining his expertise and passion, working on technology tools for educators. He is the developer of and has been building it for over the year with the help of teachers across Canada.

All ATESL members are welcome, so please email us at for the Zoom link. 

Roshi is also happy to provide a product discount for ATESL members:

Roshi is an AI tool that teachers across Canada are using to generate targeted lesson material. As an ATESL member, you can get 20% off your first year of a Roshi Pro subscription. Simply visit or use promo code ATESL at checkout to claim this offer.  

ATESL Chapter: Calgary