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June 25: Edmonton Summer Social and Spatial Chat Technology Exploration


Edmonton Summer Social and Spatial Chat Technology Exploration
Daniel Green and Fiza Abedin

We are happy to announce the ATESL Edmonton Summer Social! We would like to invite all members to spend some time socializing with one another before the summer break. This won't be a typical zoom call, but instead we will be utilizing an entirely new and ground-breaking socialization/teaching platform: Spatial Chat!

Have you ever wished breakout rooms were more fluid with the option to seamlessly slide into new groups, form teams, or simply just mill-about? Have you ever wished you could teach while breakout rooms were active? Do you miss the "conference room" feel? Well then you're in luck! ATESL Edmonton is going to test out all of these fun features and more!

Join in on the ATESL Edmonton Tutela group at 5PM on Friday June 25th for a very short PD on how Spatial Chat works! Then, we will share the Spatial Chat link within Tutela and move our PD over to Spatial Chat for a live demo of the features as we socialize and reflect on this wild year of teaching!


Be sure to join the ATESL Edmonton Chapter group before the session as only members of this group are allowed by the system to enter the PD room. As it may take time to be approved, we advise that you join the Edmonton Local group as soon as possible.

Tutela Group:

Here is a quick video another organization made to demonstrate Spatial Chat's engaging features:

We hope to see you all there for a fun social and engaging technology demonstration. We hope this event will not only be a fun opportunity to meet with your friends and colleagues, but also a unique opportunity to explore new innovative teaching technology.

All the best,

Daniel Green and Fiza Abedin

Edmonton Local Co-Chairs

ATESL Chapter: Provincial