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Resources for the Classroom

for 2SLGBTQ+ Inclusion

This section includes resources (lesson plans, curriculum, readings, videos, podcasts, etc.) to use in class.

This playlist includes videos introducing diversity and inclusion topics, designed for newcomers to Canada. Of particular relevance to 2SLGBTQ+ inclusion are Workplace Respect, Human Rights, Gender and Respect, and Gender Answers to the Questions You Didn't Want to Ask.

Alberta Workforce Essential Skills (AWES). (2021). Diversity and Inclusion [Video playlist]. YouTube.

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights features multi-modal stories that learners can explore. Of particular relevance to 2SLGBTQ+ Inclusion are the following stories:

  • Claiming our rights as a transgender family
  • The symbol of Pride
  • Travis Price’s act of kindness

Canadian Museum for Human Rights. (n.d.). Stories.

This includes activities and lessons incorporating LGBTQ content:

  • A summer festivals lesson
  • An activity where learners interview their partners about a subculture that is discriminated against in their home country
  • A lesson related to Alberta Human Rights

As well, there is a diversity checklist, LGBTQ classroom scenarios, and a PPT presentation on LGBTQ+ in the LINC classroom.

This resource includes lesson plans related to LGBTQ2S+ inclusion:

  • LGBTQ2S+ Apologies (CLB 5–6)
  • LGBTQ2S+ Intersectionality (CLB 5–6)
  • LGBTQ2S+ (CLB 3)
  • Same-sex Marriage (CLB 2–3)

Note: Scroll down to EDI Materials for English as an Additional Language

NorQuest College. (2020). Diversity & inclusion materials for English as an additional language classes.

The link connects educators to resources that are available in videos and PowerPoint presentations.

The Arc Foundation. (2019). SOGI 3 teaching resources.

This playlist includes personal stories of love and commitment in the LGBTQ community.

TED. (2012, May). Love is love [Video playlist].

The website provides resources for teachers. Users can register and login to access resources on inclusion and LGBTQ+. Use the search term “LGBTQ.”