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Resources for the Classroom

for Anti-Racism

This section includes resources (lesson plans, curriculum, readings, videos, podcasts, etc.) to use in class.

This playlist includes videos introducing diversity and inclusion topics, designed for newcomers to Canada. Some of the topics related to anti-racism include Human Rights, Feedback or Discrimination, Stereotypes and Racism, Abuse of Power, Microaggressions in the Workplace, Thinking about your Bias, and more.

Alberta Workforce Essential Skills (AWES). (2021). Diversity and Inclusion [Video playlist]. YouTube.

This page links to a variety of resources for learning and teaching about racism and anti-racism. Although they are designed for the K-12 curriculum, many could also be useful with adult learners.

The Alberta Teachers' Association. (2020). Your ATA library: Anti-racism.

The list includes activities on social justice. Each activity includes goals and outcomes, steps and talking points, materials needed, along with background information and a heads-up on potential challenges.

Bolger, M. (2015). The social justice toolbox.

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights features multimodal stories that learners can explore. Of particular relevance to anti-racism are the following stories:

  • The story of slavery in Canadian history
  • “A cauldron of hell”: The story of Canada’s Hong Kong veterans
  • Japanese Canadian internment and the struggle for redress
  • The Chinese head tax and the Chinese Exclusion Act
  • The story of Africville
  • Black sleeping car porters

Canadian Museum for Human Rights. (n.d.). Stories.

This collection of classroom resources helps teachers and learners think critically about crucial moments in history related to justice and human rights, race, antisemitism, religious intolerance, bullying, and immigration. These classroom resources include videos, lessons, and books. Under each topic, search “Canada” in the subject bar for materials related explicitly to Canadian history.

Facing History and Ourselves. (2021). Educator resources.

This curriculum designed to help learners (CLB 4 and higher) talk about and be prepared for incidents of racism and discrimination. It includes a series of 20 scenarios, each of which has introduction questions, vocabulary, discussion questions, and further information on the scenarios. The resource also includes a glossary, sample lesson plan, and language focuses to prepare learners to discuss scenarios.

Halifax Immigrant Learning Centre. (2008). Through the lens: Helping newcomers speak about racism and discrimination in Canada. (Access through

This website has classroom resources, including fully developed in-depth lessons on social justice topics and texts, tasks, and teaching strategies used for social justice instruction.

Learning for Justice. (1991-2021). Classroom resources.

This web page includes Anti-racism lesson plans and supporting handouts/audios for CLB 3–6.

NorQuest College. (n.d.). Diversity & inclusion materials for English as an additional language classes.

This pdf file lists resources for Black Parents in Edmonton and helps them access relevant information and support services in the city and some parts of Alberta.

Oyelami, A. (2021, February). Resources for Black parents in Edmonton, Alberta. Health and Immigration Policies and Practices.

TED-Ed includes lessons (with quizzes and discussion questions) based on short videos. Register for an account. Search for videos on Racism, Anti-racism, or Equity.

TED-Ed. (n.d.). Racism [Video playlist].

Search TED Talks for videos on racism and anti-racism. You may wish to view the following curated list of videos on race:

TED. (n.d.). Racism [Video playlist].

This link compiles a list of anti-racism resources for adults and educators to support them in their call to action against racism. It also includes resources for discussing racism and violence with children, including a list of children's books. Some of these resources may be relevant for classroom use or may be of interest to Black and Racialized learners and their families.

This online community for ESL/FSL professionals in Canada provides resources for teachers. Register and log in to access resources. Search Resources for “racism” or “anti-racism.”

Tutela. (n.d.) Resources.

This page includes an ongoing compilation of up-to-date anti-racism resources. Each entry links to an online newspaper, book, journal article, report, or TED Talk. Some of these resources may be relevant for use in the classroom.

It includes resources to promote allyship and anti-racist practices, addressing topics such as:

  • The history of race and racism
  • Systems of oppression in higher education
  • Acknowledging privilege and bias
  • Taking action to support the work of Black, Indigenous, and Racialized People.

It also lists resources for Black, Indigenous, and Racialized People, addressing topics such as:

  • Racial stress and self-care
  • Sustaining ourselves when confronting violence
  • Healing in action

University of Guelph Diversity and Human Rights (DHR). (n.d.). Anti-racism & anti-oppression resources.

Includes a series of Bystander Anti-Racism Campaign videos used to prompt discussion in class.