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Resources for the Classroom

for Supporting Learners with Diverse Learning Needs

This section includes resources (lesson plans, curriculum, readings, videos, podcasts, etc.) to use in class.

This playlist includes videos introducing diversity and inclusion topics, designed for newcomers to Canada. The Duty to Accommodate video is particularly relevant to this section.

Alberta Workforce Essential Skills (AWES). (2019). Diversity and Inclusion [Video playlist]. YouTube.

The page provides access to a collection of forty theme-based readers, along with an instructor's guide. The stories are organized into 7 levels, with lower level stories supported by large photographs and simple sentences, and higher level stories written in paragraphs with more complex language. Each story is authentic and relevant to learners' lives and experiences. These resources are available in both digital book format and audio files.

Bow Valley College. (2021). ESL literacy readers.

Each 22-minute episode asks a group of Canadians with the same disability to respond to some of the awkward questions often asked. Some of the disabilities addressed in the show's two seasons include wheelchair users, visual impairment, autism, Down syndrome, PTSD, deafness, and anxiety disorder.

CBC Gem. (2021). You can't ask that [Video]. Season 1 & Season 2.

This link provides a list of resources and services for students with disabilities. It also includes a description of the rights and responsibilities of students with disabilities and their learning institutions. These resources are helpful in classroom discussions or as a reference in identifying available support in the community.

Government of Alberta. (2020). Resources for students with disabilities.

Scroll down at the following link to EDI Materials for English as an Additional Language. Then scroll down to Diversity and Abilities - CLB 3. At this link, you can download a CLB 3 lesson plan and handouts on the topic of differing abilities.

NorQuest College Continuing Education and Custom Training. (2021). Diversity and abilities: CLB 3.

This website includes stories that are written in simple language and are supported by illustrations and audio. Many of the stories come from the Global Storybooks project, as well as African Storybooks and Indigenous Storybooks. Stories are categorized into 5 literacy levels, and readers have the option to read/listen to the stories in English and French, as well as in 20 other languages spoken by immigrants and refugees in Canada. The stories can also be downloaded as PDFs.

Storybooks Canada. (n.d.).

This site includes a collection of accessible easy-to-read books on a variety of topics. The collection can be searched by theme and language.

Tar Heel Reader. (n.d.).

The link lists videos on learning disability that may be useful in classroom discussions and activities.

TED. (n.d.). Disability [Video playlist].

This includes a list of TED talks on designing for disability.

TED. (n.d.). Designing for disability [Video playlist].

The link lists videos on mental health topics that may be useful in classroom discussions and activities.

TED. (n.d.). Mental health [Video playlist].

TED-Ed includes lessons (with quizzes and discussion questions) based on short videos. Register for an account. Search for videos on learning disability and mental health.

TED-Ed. (n.d.).

The website provides resources for teachers. Register, log in, and search for resources on mental health, learning disabilities, and trauma-informed instruction.

This resource helps both teachers and students explore opportunities to discuss and address women's health and well-being. Added to this resource are lesson plans and assessments, which aid classroom activities and participation.

Wilbur, A., & Jeffries, D. (2018). Newcomer women’s health resource: New strategies for women learning English for better health. Pacific Immigrant Resources Society.

These podcasts on disability and mental health issues include transcripts embedded in online courses.

Wong, A. (2014) Disability visibility [Podcasts].

This link connects to a series of essays on disability rights and justice by BIPOC writers. The "Plain language summary" of the articles is accessible and relatively easy to read.

Wong, A. (2014). ADA 30 in color [Podcasts].